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Our hope for recovery

Help Matheo Grow is a site we created in an attempt to give our son the best chance to a more fulfilling life by helping him reach his full potential.

Our primary goal is to raise funds for a 2nd Stem Cell Treatment to Panama for our son Matheo. A portion of the funds will also go towards other complementary therapies that will enhance the benefits of Stem Cell Treatment. Homeotoxology, Tomatis, NeuroModulation Technique and Occupational Therapy are a few approaches that will help support Matheo throughout his road to recovery.

Matheo was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old

Our son Matheo

Matheo's recovery journey started in Dec. 2009. He is now 7 years old. He has been through many types of therapies and interventions. Everything from play therapies, to special diets, to biomedical approaches and holistic treatments. We have traveled the world in hopes of helping him feel better in his own skin.

Matheo is a beautiful young boy who struggles daily to understand the world around him. He has worked so hard and come so far especially after our latest Stem Cell Treatment. We have seen the most changes from it and plan to return to Panama for a second treatment in July 2016.

We believe stem cells can truly enhance his quality of life

Our journey to panama

After researching Stem Cell therapy and discovering Ken's Journey To Recovery we drove down to Maine to meet with his beautiful family and learn more about his amazing progress. We left there full of hope for our little boy and began planning our 1st trip to Panama.

On August 17, 2015, the day had finally arrived when we would fly to Panama City for one week. Matheo received 36 million cells in the course of 4 days. After the 3rd day we already began to see some significant changes. He pointed to the ketchup bottle and wanted to try it. I know for others this might not seem like much but for us it was huge. Before stem cells, he wouldn't be open to trying anything colourful let alone new foods.

Trying ketchup

For the 1st time
after 3 days in Panama

Upon our return from Panama, we would notice new and amazing small changes every week that followed. But above all, consistency would be the biggest improvement thus far. He would for once retain all his gains as he progressed. We felt that Stem Cells would finally start healing the source of his daily pain and bring comfort to his body and mind.

major changes we've seen in Matheo since SCT

  • More awareness
  • More language usage
  • Can say 4 words "I want to crash"
  • Follows instructions
  • Shows interests in others
  • Happier and more comfortable around kids
  • Interacts with his brother
  • Cooperative when having his ear checked
  • More calm during blood withdrawals
  • More spontaneity
  • Greater interest in variety of toys and books
  • Able to express more what he wants
  • Able to dress himself
  • Able to draw a face not just a scribble
  • He has an easier time to transition
  • Able to identify words and colors

1 month before

1st Stem Cell Treatment

2 months after

1st Stem Cell Treatment

6 months after

1st Stem Cell Treatment

8 months after

1st Stem Cell Treatment

9 months after

1st Stem Cell Treatment

Matheo's Autism Journey

To Recovery

Despite his tremendous progress, Matheo still has a lot of sensory challenges, expressive language delays and general processing information. In order to heal his immune system, from which all these issues stem from, we need to repeat this treatment several times.

The cost of 1 week of stem cell treatment is $19,000 cad
This does not include travel or lodging expenses

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Your Donation will help us raise the funds needed for Matheo's 2nd round of Stem Cell Therapy. Stem Cell Therapy is a promising treatment where injected "T" cells derived from donated umbilical cord blood, to "find" damaged cells and help repair it.

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